To all of the people who said it could not be done or that we were fighting for a useless cause, all I would like to say is thank you for pushing all of us to fight harder. #invisiblechildren #kony2012 #kony2013 #fourthestate
I seriously had so much fun volunteering for Invisible Children at Warped Tour. Athena designed the tank top I’m wearing in the photo and yes, I am wearing a you are beautiful button. This picture makes me laugh because it looks like I’m partially tan? Regardless, it was a great time and I had a lot of fun talking to people about IC. Interning for them at least once would be truly amazing and I really believe that I have what it takes. One of the people that was volunteering with me said that I was one of those “really happy people,” but I think it’s more that I was just excited that I had the opportunity to help out. I’ve never thought that I fit the average Invisible Children Intern criteria because of how big of a dingus I am, but it took me talking to people at Warped for me to realize that as long as I’m spreading the message of IC and am doing it correctly and passionately, I’m cut out to be an intern.

Let’s hope that I’ll have luck next summer when I apply!

Is it rude for me to e-mail the woman from the Music Department of Invisible Children again? Because she never sent me the e-mail she said she was going to send me and that was like…three weeks ago now. She seemed like she was really busy, so I didn’t want to bother her, but there aren’t many weeks left until Warped roles around and I just need to give my work notice by next week. I mean, either way I’ll definitely be at Warped, but I would love to be there volunteering.

So yes. I don’t know what to do.

Warped Tour was so much fun! I’m so glad I got the chance to go. I visited the Invisible Children tent and talked the volunteer’s ears off about how much I love IC and then Ashley and I donated money to a charity that helps supply art supplies to students that can’t afford them across the country, so we were able to paint ourselves (and paint ourselves we did). We watched two performances (Taking Back Sunday and We The Kings) And just listened to a few songs here and there from various bands. I bought a new IC shirt and a Warped Tour shirt. Unfortunately, I have the worst tan line ever on my chest, but I’m really okay with that. It was a fantastic day and I can’t wait to go to more concerts this year since I’ll actually have some money to spend. I hope all of you guys had a day as great as mine!
Cover the Night is going to be so amazing! 
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I seriously love Invisible Children so incredibly much. I’m openly weeping at work and I don’t even care.
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This is my “I’m so excited to talk to Briana from Invisible Children” face.